07 12 / 2011

(( ooc: Artist here! It’s been a stupidly long time since I’ve done answered anything, but to be fair, my computer was dying and I have been preparing to move! I’m motivated to get a bunch of new drawing up for you guys, but I’m not sure whether I should draw a mass of the older questions or just wait for some new ones. Thoughts? ))

10 11 / 2011

Those rare times we could see results, I’d have to say.

06 11 / 2011

I wish I could say I have been busy with keeping justice in the world, but honestly, I have just been slacking.

I hope I am forgivable.

03 11 / 2011


Well, that’s horrible of me!

I have some perfectly lovely questions, and I’ll have them all answered for you soon!

20 10 / 2011

What does “living” imply, anyways? YOU CURIOUS KIDS, ha ha ha ha.

20 10 / 2011

He’s a good friend, but a tad expensive, I suppose….

15 10 / 2011

My, aren’t you an affectionate bunch!

…Maybe a bit too much.

14 10 / 2011

14 10 / 2011

13 10 / 2011

This is my friend Walter. Underneath his rather blunt exterior, you will find… well, still a rather blunt man.

He grows on you, I promise.